Ask the dentist – Why should I avoid piercings? (Oral)

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Why should I avoid piercings? (Oral)

We see them everywhere-lips-tongues. This seems to be a teen trend. This is not a healthy choice for your mouth. There is a certain amount of risk involved with the actual piercing event. Tongues can swell from actual puncture and sometimes the tongue or lip can become infected. If equipment used to pierce the tongue or lip is not properly cleaned, you have increased risk of other infections such as hepatitis. Just a simple trauma to the healed site (such as biting the lip or tongue) can cause the area to become re-infected. Tongue piercing and the “bar bell” placed to maintain the pierced site commonly causes fractured teeth. This can happen while you sleep, talk, eat or just the habit of chewing on the jewelry itself. The fracture can be confined to the tooth enamel ad require filling, or it may g deeper, and cause the need for a root canal, crown or even extraction. I would think twice before piercing.

Robin JungblutAsk the dentist – Why should I avoid piercings? (Oral)