Top 13 Reasons to Raise a Family in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Top 13 Reasons to Raise a Family in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Dentist In Glen Ellyn, DowntownGlen Ellyn, Illinois is a small village of about twenty-six thousand people in DuPage County, Illinois. It is located within the western suburbs of Chicago and is very family-oriented. In fact, the founder of the village was a family man named Deacon Winslow Churchill, who moved to Glen Ellyn in 1834 with his family, who became the village’s first settlers. Today, Glen Ellyn is a vibrant family-friendly village with a rich history and culture as well as an emphasis on community values and volunteer work.

Below are some of the top reasons to raise a family in Glen Ellyn.

1. Community Spirit
The community spirit of Glen Ellyn is extremely strong. The citizens of the village are consistently dedicated to helping one another and looking out for each other. This strong sense of citizen connectivity in Glen Ellyn contributes to its safety and makes it a welcoming community for families.

2. Activities
There are many opportunities for children and adults alike to get involved with the community of Glen Ellyn, make friends, and develop their passions and leadership skills. Art classes, book clubs, and other similar activities are abundantly offered on a regular basis by the friendly businesses that line the village’s historic Main Street.

3. Family-Owned Businesses
The majority of the businesses in Glen Ellyn are privately Small businesses owners Glen Ellyn, ILand independently owned. Most of them are small family-owned stores, many of which have been in business for generations. Not only are these independent businesses a refreshing shift away from the modern corporate world evident in large nearby cities like Chicago, but they also tend to offer more friendly service and contribute to their community with special activities, events, and promotions.

Community Events
Several times per year, the city of Glen Ellyn plans events that welcome all citizens and bring the entire community together to bond and enjoy collaborative activities.

4. Taste of Glen Ellyn
Dentist Glen Ellyn - Taste of Glen EllynThe Taste of Glen Ellyn is one of the premier events for the area. It brings together a weekend of great food, live music, and a carnival for the kids. On this weekend, you can often see most of Glen Ellyn out and about. Many of the local restaurants supply food for this event and it is not uncommon to catch a local youth band playing in the street. For the people of Glen Ellyn, this is a must attend event!

5. Glen Ellyn Garden Walk
One of these beloved community events is the Glen Ellyn Garden Walk. This event occurs on one day each year. On this day, village citizens and individuals who live in other neighboring towns are invited to tour the many historic homes dating back to the early nineteenth century that are located within the boundaries of the village.

6. Fourth of July Celebration
A grand Fourth of July Celebration is also hosted by Glen Ellyn 4th of July ParadeGlen Ellyn every year. This celebration includes a parade, a freedom run, a boat race and competition in Lake Ellyn, an afternoon picnic in the park, and a fireworks show.

7. Annual Jazz Fest
Another notable Glen Ellyn event is their annual jazz fest, at which village musicians of all ages are invited to perform and showcase their musical talents. Food and other activities are also offered at the festival in addition to the music performances.

There are many varied and excellent education opportunities in Glen Ellyn from which children growing up in the village can benefit.

8. Public School
Glenbard West High SchoolDespite the small population of Glen Ellyn, the village is home to two high schools, two middle schools, and six elementary schools. This large number of schools means that each school is able to accommodate a smaller population of kids, which increases the quality of children’s education because they are able to receive more one-on-one attention and instruction from their teachers. Glen Ellyn’s oldest high-school, Glenbard West High School, is ranked number twenty in Illinois high-school academics. Glenbard West also encourages the entire community to gather together for various sporting events throughout the year, which are widely attended at the high-school.

9. Private School
Glen Ellyn also features five private schools, which are either Catholic-based or Montessori schools that focus on incorporating arts and other alternative learning methods into standard educational curriculum. These private schools, including St. Petronille Catholic School and the Montessori School of Glen Ellyn, offer unique educational opportunities for Glen Ellyn students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.

10. Higher Education
The humble village of Glen Ellyn is home to the College of DupageCollege of DuPage, which is one of the two largest community colleges in the entirety of the United States of America. The College of DuPage offers an affordable two-year general education for students who want to continue with their education. It also offers a variety of technical and trade classes, such as jewelry-making, art, photography, and more. Enrollment at the College of DuPage has increased significantly in recent years, so the college has undergone several renovations, including the construction of a large 11,000 square foot fitness center and a beautiful modern performing arts center. The College of DuPage allows young Glen Ellyn students to stay close to home and easily commute to school. Furthermore, it offers Glen Ellyn residents of all ages a chance at continuing their own education or pursuing their passions through classes that interest them.

Natural Attractions
Since its founding almost two hundred years ago in 1834, Glen Ellyn has developed a rich history that includes many unique historical landscapes as well as a plethora of beautiful natural landscapes.

11. Willowbrook Wildlife Center
Snowy OwlThe Willowbrook Wildlife Center is located within the boundaries of the village of Glen Ellyn and is committed to creating a safe space for a wide range of animal species as well as rehabilitating animals that have been wounded in order to return them to their home in the wild. Willowbrook Wildlife Preserve spans over more than fifty acres of land and features animals such as owls, raccoons, foxes, and many, many more. It is an excellent place for children and families to visit in order to learn more about animals and how they should be treated and protected.

12. Lake Ellyn
Lake Ellyn is the crowning jewel of Glen Ellyn’s natural beauty. It offers many wonderful fun bonding opportunities for families and children. The lake allows row boating and fishing; it also provides a playground for children, grassy areas that are perfect for family picnics, and many beautiful paths for families or individuals to walk or jog down while enjoying the natural landscape.

Volunteer Culture

Volunteering and community service is a significant component of life in Glen Ellyn.

13. Glen Ellyn residents are renowned for their dedication to Volunteer Fire Companycommunity service and volunteer work and the village itself is celebrated for its countless contributions to charitable organizations and other significant causes. There are many volunteer opportunities that are consistently available within the town at churches, schools, community events, and even the Glen Ellyn Fire Department. These community opportunities can teach children growing up in Glen Ellyn the value of giving back as well as provide meaningful purpose for residents of any ages.

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