New Patient? How to transfer your records

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As a New Patient, it is helpful to the Doctor and Hygienist to have dental records from your previous dentist(s) to review the treatments that were prescribed in the past and to be made aware of trends and concerns that may impact your current and future treatment.

Save Money On Your Dental Bill

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Some people complain about the cost of dental care. With employers offering reduced dental insurance coverage, patients want to know what they can do to cut down on out-of-pocket expenses. There are several simple ways to cut costs without sacrificing your dental well-being. In fact, these tips can also help you live a longer, healthier life.

3 Facts About Dental Insurance

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If you have dental insurance, there are three important facts you need to know.

Fact 1: No plan is a pay all plan.

Most dental insurance is designed to help with routine dental care.  Coverage varies quite a bit from insurance company to insurance company and plan to plan within each company in terms of what procedures are covered, the percentage covered for each procedure and the maximum yearly benefit.