This is a actual patient that has used us for teeth whitening after getting her braces off.


Having bright and whiter teeth has always been a concern for patients who want a beautiful smile. White spots, yellow/brown stains, after braces are removed discoloration, age and some medications that cause darker teeth are some of the reasons that patients would like to whiten their teeth. There are several methods to brighten or “bleach” your teeth. You can use some of the over the counter products that can be found in your local pharmacy dental aisle. These products are easy to use, but are limited with their capabilities to whiten your teeth.

In our office we offer two options to bleach your teeth depending on what works best for you. Both methods can be done at home, overnight or for 1 -2 hours a day for 10-14 days depending on the method used. One bleach product uses preformed trays with the bleach material already in the tray. Just follow the given directions and place the trays for the directed amount of time. It is a very effective way to bleach your teeth. The second method takes two appointments, the first making a mold of your teeth and then a second appointment to give you your custom fitted trays (only you can use) and bleach material to place in them. You will receive care instructions for your teeth and using the trays. There are pros and cons for both methods, but both will have the same outcome, Whiter teeth!