Grinding and or clenching your teeth (bruxsim) is a common mouth habit that effects 1 in 10 adults.  This habit happens at night while you sleep and can also occur during the day when experiencing stressful situations (driving in traffic, work/school situations, etc).  The results of this habit, over time, can be heavy tooth wear, gum irritation, tooth fractures, head and neck muscle soreness and jaw joint pain. Mouth Guards (Nightguards and Occlusal Guards) are appliances that are worn by the patient to help prevent these symptoms. The appliance is made of a hard plastic that is custom fitted to your top or bottom teeth. The guard can be worn at night while you sleep or during the day when stressed.  They come in many shapes and sizes depending on each patient's needs. The goal of wearing a guard will help you protect your teeth, manage your muscle discomfort, and provide support to your jaw joint.